Critical Infra-Cybersecurity

Improve Infrastructure Resilience

Deploy Tactical Cybersecurity in IT/OT Systems


The Program

The ICS are heavy on the convergence of OT with IT, and Resilience lies in bridging the Configurations with Secure Controls as per Sectoral Environment and Business Goals. fnCyber leads the way with a Discovery and Industrial Framework Assessment revealing the gaps with the help of Three Primary Components of Cybersecurity Framework: Core, Profiles and Implementation Tiers; further deep analysis of the Environmental and Production Systems, Asset Types, Protocols in use with existing controls helps establish a Baseline; superimposed with nuances of Operational Complexities to Produce and Deploy long term Sustainable Controls. 

The Heart of the Program contains Standard and Adaptable Incident Response Framework Elements: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. Given the nature of OT Security, expectedly ten years behind IT Infrastructure Security requires very high priority to drive the Program to withstand the Threats from the Digital and IoT realms, and so if fnCyber's Critical Infra-Cybersecurity Drive.


The Approach

Since cybersecurity in ICS requires heavy investments, there is a definite need to establish a business case to justify and quantify such a cost. The ICS consists of components such as Programmable Logic Controls, Remote Terminal Units, Intelligent Input / Output Devices, Human Machine Interface with stand-alone Industrial Specs to manage the Electro-Mechanical Infrastructure unique to the Environment, when combined with large scale Legacy and Proprietary Systems, pose a significant challenge to ICS Cyber Threat Response Teams. 

fnCyber practices ICS Cybersecurity with a flexible Risk-Based Cost Optimized Approach, studying Protocols used in various Industrial Component Specification, Promoting Security and Resilience along the lines of Network Segmentations and Systems Security Engineering Principles leveraging NIST’s versatile CSF Components to evolve an overall Security posture in tiers. ICS Framework is highly customizable and can be adopted by organizations of all sizes to impart cybersecurity in all sectors of a specific industrial, especially when the sectors are being digitized continuously.

The Phases

ICS Strategy, Business Case
Continuous Discovery and Continuous Assessment
Simulate, Evaluate, Remediate
ICS Incident Response
Control & Continuous Compliance

The ICS Cybersecurity Framework implementation is tiered to mature gradually, adopt and sustain the Security Culture over the years; it also helps quantify Return on Investment based on the protection derived. fnCyber thrives on bringing about a SCADA Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy upon maturity to build a Cyber Resilient Industrial Control Systems Infrastructure.

Bring Visualisation and Deploy Controls in the Vast Critical Infra With a Toolkit combining Risk Assessment and Cybersecurity Framework


Cybersecurity is best when seeded into Business Functions. fnCyber™ assures you Direct and Uncomplicated Cybersecurity Consulting.

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