Integrated Risk Management

NexGen Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

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The Program

FnCyber's Integrated Risk Management Solution aims to capitalise on the Systems Risk Management strength; outlines how Enterprise Risk is distributed across the Organizations Operational and Compliance elements thereby drawing Benefits, Value and ROI. IRM also drives a Risk Aware Culture to ensure risk is addressed till the last mile with Inherent Risk Mitigation Capability, Investment Optimization and cater to Business requirements in Continuity and during Disasters.

FnCyber learns by mapping Business Goals and Objectives to its Systems, Policy and Governance landscape; derive a Baseline along with existing controls; thereafter improvise the existing controls without altering eco-system to maximize the ROI of the current infrastructure.

the program
the approach

The Approach

FnCyber Integrated Risk Management Solutions with its hybrid approach utilizes both top down and bottom up frameworks to understand how cyber security risk management is perceived in all organizational layers. IRM Integration relies on Enterprise Architecture Framework at its backbone drawing the characteristics of Risk Culture, Appetite and Tolerance at various levels, with an understanding of how risk and capabilities travers across the Enterprise.

In any organization; decision are made in a layer and executed at a different layer; hence the most important aspect of the IRM is to explore various Risk Mitigation strategies with all its advantages and disadvantages, deploy optimum controls in line with the Business Owners Risk Perception and in agreement with other stakeholders. Key success factors would include benefits measurements against goals such as business to explore range of opportunities; Manage Entity-Wise Systems Risk, IT Support and Performance. The security risk management program includes extensive facilitation and brainstorming sessions constantly engaging all the stakeholders in every phase to establish one risk view across the organization.

The Phases

Framework & Engagement
Baseline: Align with Mission and Vision
IRM Goal: Charter and Kick off
IRM Project: Plan & Execute
IRM Governance & Review
Continuous Improvement
Program requires a team of nominated stakeholders as Change Champions to form a core team and drive implementation. IRM takes a long run commitment to mature and executive commitment is a must with a continuous reinforcement for a multi-dimensional growth. IRM Strategy should be reviewed annually and in sync with business continuity and disaster management.
Envision Multi-Dimensional Growth With Integrated & Informed Decision-Making Capability
Cybersecurity is best when seeded into Business Functions. FnCyber assures you Direct and Uncomplicated Cybersecurity Consulting.

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