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Cyber-Resilience Capability

The Program

FnCyber Threat Modelling Response Engineering Program is designed to aid the organizations to not only embark on a cybersecurity journey with a very high focus on the Enterprise Security Posture but also to mature those with an existing SOC Capability. Threat to any organization can only be dealt with a strategic intent and a response to such a threat can be handled only with precise set of tools, techniques & procedures. FnCyber Threat Modelling Consultant focuses on your cybersecurity needs.

FnCyber Threat Response Engineering Program has a unique Integrated Dual Standard Approach combining Asset Protection Profiles with NIST Computer Security Incident Response Lifecycle to cater to such a high-profile uncompromising requirement. The benefit of such a model is a Response Guide based on Asset Protection Profiles with specific security properties and vulnerabilities which demands a unique response plan. A collection of such response guides make up a SOC-KB unique to the organization; when practiced under a multi-mode simulation purposefully, enhances SOC capability and throughput.

the program
the approach

The Approach

The Drill starts with the evaluation of detailed historic information, policies and procedures, review the existing baselines and understand SOC environment. The vanilla support model falls onto the proven NIST Incident Response Life Cycle. We take pride in practicing  NIST SP 800-61r2 a platinum standard in Cyber Threat Response.  Thereafter to calibrate and enhance the SOC throughput; FnCyber devised a Resilience Triangle to Evaluate, Engineer and Organize.

FnCyber promotes a response plan based on the combination of Asset - Risk -Response. Evaluate existing IT Controls which offer a level of protection, helps lower the overall risk to the asset and so it can fit into a standard incident response plan; a monitoring and alerting solution with an automated pre-configured response can lower the burden on the SOC and straight away engages the SOC analyst to the Post-Incident Recovery. Next is to Engineer a Holistic SOC Capability and Preparedness based on Asset-Risk-Response and Protection Profiles with a fully evolved SOC-KB.  Thereafter organize enough resources to support the newly engineered SOC Model.

The Phases

SOC Strategy & Charter
Evaluate for NIST CSIR Lifecycle
Engineer & Organize
Simulate, Calibrate & Enhance
SOC Capability Maturity is enhanced with FnCyber’s undeterred simulation schedules replicating real life complexities to improvise Operational Success of the SOC Readiness & Response; coupled with a 7-Step Improvement Process, eliminating Non-value Adds to optimize resources effectively creating a Robust High Performing Threat Response Capability.
Calibrate and Enhance SOC Operating System throughput with a Cyber Resilience Thought Engine.
Cybersecurity is best when seeded into Business Functions. FnCyber assures you Direct and Uncomplicated Cybersecurity Consulting.

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