Deriving Benefits from Consulting for Cybersecurity


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September 17, 2022

Deriving Benefits from Consulting for Cybersecurity

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat." - Sun Tzu 

A perfect quote for the agnostic organizations who believe they cannot be hacked. Not to mention this is a catch 22 type of situation. Companies must have both a realistic strategy and the required tactics to execute that strategy in the real world. In this era of consistent cyberattacks on multiple areas of the business market, cybercriminals are always on the rise, and so are their scary stories of crimes. However, many small and mid-sized firms are misapprehending that only multinational companies risk potential cyberattacks. But looking at some recent facts and statistics juxtaposed 10 years ago, it has been reported that 1.76 billion records have been leaked and altered since January 2021 up until now. The victims of these cyberattacks are not only companies like Amazon, Facebook, Adobe, or Sony, but many small and mid-sized firms that suffered losses as 43% of the cyber hacks were targeted at small firms. An average person or a firm can only hold a certain level of knowledge required to run their businesses in a secured fashion. Any organization usually hires most skillsets to enhance their business prospects, such as sales, marketing, or even software programmers. But to successfully manage and secure a growing infrastructure network, organizations will need help from a different mindset. Modern networks require a highly-skilled workforce to handle business operations and their security. 

Investing in a cybersecurity consulting firm has become an integral part of a strategic business model. A cybersecurity consulting company can not only help to save time and money, but they can be the best 'go-to' team who can elevate your organizational security no matter how big or complex the network landscape is and also shield your company against the latest trends of cybercrimes, ultimately safeguarding your organization and your clients. 

So why should you consider hiring a Cybersecurity Consulting Company?

 Considering the exponential growth of the technology stack across the tech estate, the attack surface for cybercriminals has expanded to a large extent. With this soaring demand in security services of a new insurance area, called "Cyber Insurance." Organizations worldwide are reluctant about how that works, and of course, with the infamous rising hidden charges of insurance companies, enterprises are not so keen to buy such insurance policies yet right away. The irony is that cybersecurity consulting firms well support selling insurance policies to any business. This is where cybersecurity consulting firms have become valuable business partners to all industries across the continents. Below are some benefits that organizations can straightaway record by hiring a cybersecurity consulting company: 

1. Experts at Service

 Imagine an organization specializing in finance or healthcare gets hit by a ransomware attack, and the business is complex down. As a CEO of that company, they would be completely baffled by that attack and its repercussions. That's when the experts play a pivotal role in such scenarios. Cybersecurity consulting firms are a team of experts at your service 24x7, who can concentrate on securing your business while you as a company can focus on the very nature of the business; in this case, it may be finance or healthcare. I think it's a win-win situation and endless peaceful nights. Who wouldn't want that, right? 

2. Integrated Risk Management 

Often companies are forced to adapt to a high risk of business loss to cyber threats each year. This is because businesses have started to factor in an approximate amount of profit as lost in their final balance sheet, which is indeed a sad truth to digest. But this is why cybersecurity consulting firms are for. To reduce the risk and move that sum of factored loss to a cyberattack and bring it back under the profit section in the accounting books. There's another reason for enterprises to partner with a like-minded cybersecurity consulting firm, A cybersecurity firm can help determine how best to detect and respond to potential cyber threats by suggesting a range of different security measures specially tailored for your organization. 

3. Extended Human Intelligence 

Modern technologies require modern ways to secure them. This can only be achieved with the help of extended human intelligence over and above your in-house staff expertise. Cybersecurity consulting firms offer various services that invest in human intelligence but with a tailored focus for your company's security benefits. In simple words, just by partnering with a cybersecurity consulting company, your organization can access a pool of different security techniques to secure your organization without adding that cost under your capital expenditure. Often companies make the mistake of procuring cutting-edge technologies to safeguard their networks without investing in the right workforce even to operate them in the first place. Unfortunately, Elon Musk only develops self-driven cars and not self-driven cybersecurity tools (pun intended). 

4. Improve Threat and Vulnerability Management Prospects

 Attack vectors are skyrocketing by the day. With that said, can organizations afford to invest their time and efforts in focusing on the emerging threats and vulnerabilities rather than focusing on their core business? I don't think any company would want that. That would be overkill. Therefore, cybersecurity consulting firms can come in handy to help enterprises improve their threat and vulnerability management plans by developing precisely tailored strategic business models that will enhance threat mitigation to its highest levels. 

5. Cost Reduction

Benefit number five - Cost Reduction. I purposely reiterated the benefit because I know how much companies love this jargon of cost reduction. Hiring new cybersecurity tools and talents can be an expensive affair, especially when all such costs will only pile on your capital expenditure, and most of them do not know how to record a considerable ROI. However, by just partnering with a cybersecurity consulting firm, you pay for what you use and avail yourself of access to whatever services you need at any time. Cybersecurity consulting companies offer a variety of different packages tailor-fit for your organization. This offering can save you an incredible amount of cost and increase overall efficiency in the security landscape. 

Speak with Cybersecurity Consultants

The post-pandemic times have significantly escalated the speed at which companies are targeted and hacked. The risk exposure to cyberattacks and data theft for any company is up by 73% annually. This often leads to a cyber breach, and it is recorded that such businesses often cease to exist within a year after the breach. This is indeed the scariest part of running a business in this technology-driven century. It is time companies think, "If they will be under attack, but it's about when will they be under attack." But there is nothing to fret about. Get yourself covered. The final piece of the puzzle is to give us a call or email us right away!

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