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The Program

Many governments, banks, tech giants and research labs have launched cyber awareness campaigns addressing the importance of security awareness because the net is already sprung, and attacks are automated with bots and scripts; without human intervention once programmed.

FnCyber designed an employee centric program with an indigenous 3-prong approach to be adopted than enforced, driving the goal of self-awareness to prevail in the long run. Its imperative to understand the organization’s business context and specific threats it is exposed to, both internal and external; identify and categorize employee persona based on culture, experience, work profile and exposure to information.

the program
the approach

The Approach

Assessment starts with a comprehensive analysis of historic data to understand why employees should be cyber aware? Derive the pulse and culture of the work force with the help of focus group sessions, random interactions and interviews across various functions to gauge the aptitude towards awareness and change. Align all aspects of the assessments with that of the corporate vision and strategy; design the awareness and learning based on FnCyber’s indigenous 3 - Prong Intuitive Human Sentiments.

Pause, Reflect and Validate - while we are busy performing our daily tasks; we tend to overlook, ignore the warning signs — the so-called Indicators of Compromise and end up complying to falsified instructions. So many phishing attacks are successful only because of this oversight. Hence the guidance to pause — the world is not coming to an end if you do.  Once the moment is attained, trust your senses to reflect — reason the unusual nature of the event; take time to examine, reassess the legitimacy and validate — via other channels. Repeat the same in different dimensions to draw a holistic awareness for a lasting cultural change.

The Phases

The program adopts DMAIC phases of Six Sigma for a sustained learning and awareness 
Define: Goal & Charter
Measure: Current State & Ideal State
Analyse: Root Cause, SWOT, 5 Whys
Implement: Pause, Reflect and Validate
Control: Sustain & Improve
With a long-term commitment, FnCyber has all the tools for the trade to conduct attack simulations and effectively carry out the campaigns to improve organizational resilience via employee ewareness.
Security is as Strong as the Weakest link in the Chain. Cyber Awareness can Address 57% of Total Breaches.
Cybersecurity is best when seeded into Business Functions. FnCyber assures you Direct and Uncomplicated Cybersecurity Consulting.

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