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Our Practice Principles:
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Infuse amalgamated functional security controls in business processes, technology configurations and employee awareness to enable customers organization protect their long term business objectives.


Offer Cyber Resilience Excellence to every organisation

The Business World has grown far beyond IT

The attack surface and the sophistication are rapidly evolving testing every networked environment for its sustenance. Cybersecurity is an uncompromising affair for the worth it is capable to protect; but a smallest oversight can even make the military grade security vulnerable. FnCyber alliances boasts on “Learn It All” school of thought instead of “Know It All”.


Standards and Best Practices

FnCyber cyber security expert brings Gold Standards of Cybersecurity Practice within the reach of every organization. We are small and sharp with a flair to deal with complexity; ready to take-off; slice and dice the enterprise environment; expose weaknesses hidden in plain sight. We explore controls from the existing environment; maximise the current ROI and suggest technology only at the end.

We are Tactical in our Approach

At FnCyber Advisory is Knowledge Sharing — leveraging industry vetted academia and research; hardcore at Project Management offering custom Product Agnostic Solutions. Trust means everything to us and we are here to build it in the world of Zero Trust

Cybersecurity is best when seeded into Business Functions. FnCyber assures you Direct and Uncomplicated Cybersecurity Consulting.

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